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Introduction Regular Expression part 1 by muhamad akbar bin widayat

regex to transform StudlyCase to camelCase (Photo credit: chris.corwin) Hi, all I will share you about learning regular expression(regex) . The concept to make regex is about determining pattern of string or word or anything that have pattern. What the first you do?.
I try to share to you about creating simple regex first. On making regex you should know what the pattern your string after that you should make from simple first regex. Because when you start with simple regex first is began to make you more complex regex.
1. I have string       "111-111".     scenario pattern: should the first word is integerthe first integer include only 3 numberinclude (-) after integerafter that should include only 3 number in last string. 2. After determining pattern, you should write the regex. Add /^/ is means the start of first characterAdd /\d{3}/ is means the string include only 3 numberAdd /-/ is pattern of stringAdd /\d{\}/ is means only 3 integerAdd /$/ is means end off line characte…

Ruby on Rails Regex Delete Array in string or word or in sentences.

Official Ruby logo (Photo credit: Wikipedia) Hi all,

I will share to you to delete array in string using regex. Please follow me:
1. using regex str.match(/^.*KOPIKO.*$/) for example

  def self.delete_string_with_regex     str = "KOPIKO RASA JERUK MANIS DAN MINT"     arr = ["KOPIKOS", "JERUK", "COY"]     arr.delete_if {|arr| str.match(/^.*#{arr}.*$/)}   end

Object Oriented Programming (OOP) on Ruby on rails part 1

Ruby on Rails logo (Photo credit: Wikipedia) Hi all,

Currently, I want to share to you about applying Object Oriented Programming (OOP) on Ruby on Rails.
When you want to make object oriented programming in Ruby on rails please do this.
1. Read about Object Oriented Programming concept first.
2. Read about object oriented programming on ruby on rails.

On above is concept first what you should know on applying object oriented on Ruby on Rails.
I hope this article can help you to make you code more apply the Object Oriented Programming concept.

Ruby on Rails Multiple ssh on Github

Hi All,
I want to share to you about setting multiple git account on your computer. Please follow me:
- Generate new ssh-key:
   ssh-keygen -t rsa -f ~/.ssh/accountB -C ""
- Create or Modify the .ssh/config

   #office account    Host      HostName        User git IdentityFile ~/.ssh/office    #project account    Host      HostName        User git IdentityFile ~/.ssh/private
- When you clone project office:
   git clone

- When you clone project private:
  git clone

I hope this article can help you.

Ruby On Rails submit with image button

Hi all,

I will share you about adding image on rails. Please follow me.
1. code html:
product search
2. code rails: <%= form_tag fast_tracks_path, :method => 'get' do %> product search <%= image_submit_tag("/assets/icon-search.png") %> <%= text_field_tag 'variant[name]' %> <% end %>
Please using image_submit_tag I hope this article is usefully.