Ubuntu 10.04 Enable Mobile Broadband GSM Network Disconnecting.

19.25 Muhamad Akbar Bin Widayat 0 Comments

Hi all, 

You have a problem on disconnecting modem so the gsm network did not show again.
Please follow me:

1. remove modem
2. shut down pc
3. boot without modem
4. wait for the system to fully load
5. from terminal: sudo stop network-manager
    check that system responds "network-manager stop/waiting"
6. from terminal: sudo killall modem-manager
    you can check that nothing is running with: ps -A | grep -i manager
7. from terminal: sudo dmesg -c
8. NOW attach modem and WAIT 30 seconds
9. from terminal: dmesg
10. from terminal: lsusb
     Check again terminal output to find the modem and /dev/ttyUSBx ports

I hope this article can help you.

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